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Treat your pool water thanks to ultraviolets

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UV water treatment for pools and spas: simply, effective and natural

UV water treatment for pools and spas is an efficient disinfection solution.
Thanks to the devices adaptability on previously installed equipments and easy maintenance, significant water saving can be implemented without reducing bathing comfort. 
Very simple system and yet, very efficient : a UV-C reactor and a dosing pump, plus an automatic pH Regulator.

Delta UV's sanitizers for water treatment of private poolsBIO-UV's stainless steel sanitizers for water treatment of private pools

Operating of filtration cycle 

The sun emits invisible light - ultraviolet light. Using leading edge technology, this natural phenomenon is reproduced inside the sanitisers of the Delta UV product range using powerful UV-C ray lamps. At 254 nanometers, the optimum wavelength for destroying micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast, mold, etc.), UV-C rays penetrate and disrupt their DNA, permanently deactivating the germ cell metabolism so that they cannot reproduce.

During filter cycle, the water circulates inside the BIO-UV reactor.
The bacteria, viruses and algae, subjected to the non-chlorine UV treatment, are eradicated thanks to the ultraviolets rays of the lamp, without creating side effects or harmful by-products.
In order to ensure a continuous disinfection into the basin, between the 2 filter cycles and in combination with UV-C treatment, BIO-UV provides you with a two-in-one automatic system: Combipool. It allows to adjust, without requiring any manipulation, the disinfection product rates (BIO-UV oxygène rémanent) and the PH regulation, according to 3 parameters :
  • The basin volume
  • The water temperature
  • The water pH

The water is disinfected and disinfecting. The algae prevention is ensured and we avoid surdoses.
The automatic PH regulation ensures an ideal swimming comfort, avoid lime deposits and optimize the products and UV treatment effectiveness. 

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